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Gevgelija is the Southernmost city in Macedonia known as the Macedonian Vegas. It is a small city with a population of 16000 and is located 3 kilometers from the Greek border.  Gevgelians are known to be the most hospitable people in Macedonia, in fact the name Gevgelija is derived from the Turkish phrase “gel geri” meaning “come back”. Indeed, many travellers do come back!


There are plenty of things to see and do, but the most popular attractions are the luxury hotels and casinos. There are three five star hotels and casinos in the city, the oldest of them is Apollonia Hotel and Casino. Apollonia is located in the very center of the city and has been open for 34 years. The other luxury hotels/casinos Princess and Flamingo are right next to the border. The town is also known as Sunshine City because it has 300 sunny days a year. The most beautiful place to enjoy a sunny day in Gevelija is the Mountain Kozuf. There is a resort there known as Smrdliva Voda,’ where you can go hiking, hunting or just relaxing in the fresh air. You can also try the famous sulfur water which is used for healing gastric and kidney diseases. 


Spa lovers will enjoy the luxurious Negorci spa, a state-of-the-art facility for restorative health. It has 2 pools heated from 38-40°C, as well as a center for physical therapy. 


Vardar Hill is a histotric site with artifacts from 6 different eras from the Bronze Age to 200 BC. In total 500 artifacts and coins have been discovered from almost all Macedonian rulers. To see these artifacts pay a visit to the Vardar Hill museum in the town. On the hill itself you can see the runis of ancient buildings as well as a great panoramic view of the town and river.


People have been coming to Gevgelija for dental treatments since 1990 because of the high quality and low cost. If you need any dental work consider getting it done here as there are many dental centers all around the city.

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