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Dojran was a city situated on the west shore of Dojran Lake in the south-east part of Macedonia. The old city was destroyed during the First World War (the Macedonian or Southern front was here) and after World War 2 two modern villages that bear the name Dojran were established in its place, New (Nov) Dojran, and Old (Star) Dojran. It is 170 km from the capital city Skopje and 30 km from Gevgelija. 

This region was first settled in pre-historic times and the first written records come from the 5th century B.C. During the Ottoman rule it developed quite well with a mixture of Islamic and Macedonian architecture and due to its beauty it came to be known as "Small Solun". Then and now fishing was the main industry of the city and the method of fishing is original and very old, but very effective and interesting, using birds such as cormorants and gulls to direct the fish into baskets where they are gathered in huge quantities. 

The lake itself takes an area of about 43.1 km2 shared between Macedonia and Greece. Today summer tourism is the prevailing industry because the lake is beautiful, healthy and very safe (the deepest point is about 10 meters).

It is healthy due to the algae developing in the water which is very good for healing sinusitis, and the mud is very beneficial in healing the bones and muscles. Because of this property the lake is a very popular tourist destination internationally.

Dojran lake is very old and it has a rich flora and fauna which makes it a rarity in the world.  

The climate in Dojran is modified Mediterranean with warm dry summers and soft winters. The best time to visit though is during the summer (June, July, August) during the height of the tourist season. I would highly reccomend visiting this exciting place where one will not only enjoy the refreshing waters of the lake but will also take part in the numerous culture events and summer parties. 


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