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Berovo is a small but incredibly beautiful town in eastern Macedonia. Situated near the Malesevo Mountains, it stands at 830-900 meters (2,723-2953 ft) above sea level. Due to the mountainous characteristics of the region Berovo can only be reached by car using a single asphalt road leading to the city which makes it even more fairytale-like. The climate is mild continental, in some places modifies into mountain-continental and it is characterized by cold winters and cool summers. This place is amazing for adventure seeking people who love the mountains and the fresh air. In fact, Berovo is the town with the highest concentration of oxygen in the whole Balkan peninsula. The amazing forests of the Malesevo Mountains and the nearby Berovo Lake is what attracts tourists here the most. It has an average annual temperature of 11.1 C and lots of sun with an average of 6.4 sunny hours per day. 

Berovo, and the whole region here is also a place of historical significance. People who love visiting historical places and monuments will love the fact that all the populated places in the Maleshevo region have at least one well-preserved or renovated chapel with beautiful iconostasis that have huge historical, cultural and artistic value. The local museum will give visitors just a glimpse of what can be found on these hills and wet the appetites of the true explorer. Some of the most interesting marked archeological sites include: Gradiste- a settlement and necropolis from late ancient time; St. Archangel Michael- medieval cavities; Selca- Roman time settlement; Vrcvite- necropolis, Iron age tombs; Dolno Gradiste- Ablanica, Roman time settlement; Breza- late ancient time settlement and many others. 

Almost every house, every church and chapel here have a unique interesting story to tell. The "Holy Archangel Michael" monastery was built in 1818, among two old churches where Berovo was situated in the 18th century and the way it was built is linked to a famous local legend. Also the monastery is closely related to the Razlog Uprising (1876) and the Kresna Uprising (1878) against the Ottoman Empire. 

Another interesting area is Ablanica, a tourist settlement sprung on both sides of the Bregalnica river just 2km off Berovo. It has the most  archaelogical sites in the region and about 130 impressive summer houses.

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